What have I learned during the Curator Program?

The first time when I have heard about cryptocurrencies was somewhere back in 2017 when bitcoin was at its all time high. Since then, I was skeptical about cryptocurrencies and I never thought about them as currencies, but more of an investing thing for very wealthy people.

In recent years, starting somewhere from 2018, I began to hear more and more about crypto and about different coins besides bitcoin. By that time, my interest in the finance and business world became higher, so I’ve decided to do some research about the crypto world.

I’m lucky to have a crypto enthusiast (more like a maniac when it comes to this) friend who got me into this world. At first, when he talked about different crypto projects I laughed at him as I didn’t understand much about this, and I thought that cryptocurrencies were not viable and there was no point in wasting my time with them.

But in time, my friend’s enthusiasm got me too, and I started to be more and more interested in cryptocurrencies.

So, after some research, I’ve started to understand what cryptocurrencies are about and what are the huge benefits of blockchain technology.

I have some background in computer science so I can understand a little bit the core principles of how cryptocurrencies work.

One day, my friend told me about The Graph’s testnet and how can I register as a curator and take part in the testnet. After I researched a bit about The Graph I decided to register as a curator. In the beginning, I didn’t know exactly what I was supposed to do, but after a while, I figured it out. After the first meeting with The Graph’s team, I understood more about the project, and I’ve become more and more interested in it.

Now that the curator program has ended I can tell you about my experience and the things that I’ve learned during this time.

First of all, I must tell that it was an amazing experience, very interesting and I am so grateful that I’ve been part of it.

The first phase was about Everest. In this phase, I’ve learned about other decentralized projects while I was adding them to the platform. I really enjoyed doing this and contribute to the project. During this time I have had the first contact with The Graph community and I was pleasantly surprised by it. Lovely people who were always willing to help on Discord. It was amazing!

During phase two I’ve learned a lot about the subgraphs while I had to evaluate them. The team workshop was very helpful for a better understanding of the scope of the subgraphs and what to look for. We received 5 subgraphs to evaluate for accuracy, complexity, and completeness. It was interesting to see what subgraphs people created and I felt so good to contribute to the curation process.

The third phase was purely technical as we had to build a subgraph on our own. It was a challenging phase, especially if you didn’t have programming skills. The community was very helpful again, and many created tutorials on how to create subgraphs. I can say that during this phase I’ve learned the most about subgraphs. Although I didn’t manage to successfully create a subgraph on my own, I’ve learned a lot about them as I watched tutorials about GraphQL and about creating subgraphs. I want to keep learning and I’m currently working on a subgraph which hopefully will be ready in a few days. I will write a blog post about it if I manage to succeed.

The last phase was about how we see The Graph evolving in the future and about sharing our experiences.

This was for sure an amazing journey, in which I’ve learned a lot of things, I’ve met awesome people and I’ve been part of a great project and I’m very proud of this.




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